“No to GMO corn,” GOP says

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The Republican Party is rejecting GMO corn, and it’s not the first time the party has done so.

The latest sign of GOP disenchantment came Monday when the party announced that it was pulling support for a bill that would have banned GMOs from the nation’s food supply.

“The GOP believes in the right to freedom of choice in food and health, and the Republican Party supports the right of Americans to make their own food choices,” RNC Chairman Reince Priebus said in a statement Monday.

The GOP’s decision to abandon GMO corn comes at a time when GMO corn has been making headlines for its safety.

Last month, a New York Times report detailed the dangers of GMOs.

The newspaper said that research shows that genetically engineered corn can cause cancer and other adverse health effects.

According to the report, there are now three GMO corn varieties that have been linked to cancer, and more than half of those are from Bayer and Monsanto.

But a recent study published in the journal Food and Chemical Toxicology found that there was no link between GMOs and cancer.

The Times report also found that while a large number of studies had linked the use of GMO crops to cancer and allergies, the majority of the research didn’t actually prove the connection.

In the past, the GOP has also made its opposition to GMO crops known.

In 2008, the Republican National Committee voted to reject a proposed genetically modified corn bill, saying the bill would be “misguided, unworkable and unnecessary.”

The GOP also opposed a bill in 2010 that would create a federal regulatory framework for genetically modified foods.

The bill died in committee after Republicans said it was too “politically motivated.”

In 2014, a bipartisan group of Democrats sent a letter to the Trump administration urging the government to make the use and sale of genetically modified food a federal crime.

The letter said that if the use or sale of GMOs were a crime, it would be illegal for any government agency to provide financial assistance to companies that produce GMOs.

But the Trump Administration has repeatedly said it will continue to work with states to ensure that food safety regulations are not too strict.

A USDA spokesperson told The Associated Press on Monday that the agency would not comment on the specific law being considered.

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