How to make kelp-flavored soybean ice cream

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A new company in New York is hoping to transform kelp into a soybean replacement for ice cream.

The New York State Soybean Growers Association says it’s partnering with a local company to grow kelp, which is the fastest growing crop in New England, into a low-fat, vegan ice cream topping.

The company is called Keylog, and it’s making the product by combining fermented soybeans with a proprietary blend of ingredients.

The resulting product can be used as a frosting for ice creams and baked goods.

Kelp ice cream has become a hot trend.

Last year, ice cream maker Iceberg Creamery sold 3 million pounds of kelp ice cream in the United States.

And the company is now looking to expand its product line.

Kealo Ice Cream, the company’s other New York venture, is using kelp as the base for its ice cream recipe.

Keltog is a “flavor from the sea,” Kelo Ice says on its website.

The company says it has been making kelp flavored ice cream for nearly 20 years.

Its recipe calls for kelp seed, which can be crushed, fermented and added to other ingredients.

Kelo’s recipe calls on seaweed, which Kelo says “can be used to replace other types of oil.”