Why do we eat meat and vegetables?

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Vegetable shortener goes the way of beef.

The reason is that while beef can be consumed raw, the amount of saturated fat and cholesterol in vegetable shortening is so high that it’s considered unsafe to eat.

But the plant-based foods can provide a way for people to eat less meat and have a higher protein intake without having to eat as much fat.

The news story of how the vegetable shortener went from being an idea to becoming a reality has been covered extensively on the web.

But now, thanks to the help of a new documentary, we have a new look at the process that led to the vegetable-based shortening that was once considered a fad.

“Vegetable Shortening” is a documentary produced by the Food Network, a channel owned by Disney, and directed by Food Network veteran Nick Cannon.

“I thought it would be interesting to make an exploration of how and why people started cooking their own food,” said Cannon.

It started with a meal at the local Mexican restaurant.

“There was an ingredient that had a lot of different uses,” said Danny Nieser, the director.

“And I had a friend who had some leftover ingredients that were going to go into some of the ingredients in our show.”

Niesar said he wanted to create a food show that could explore the everyday use of ingredients and create a conversation about what’s healthy for us all.

The show aired in September, and Niesers crew documented the process of creating and eating the shortening for the next four months.

“We cooked a lot, we made a lot and we took a lot,” said Niesars brother, Andy.

“It was really, really hard.

We didn’t know what we were doing.”

He said they made sure to keep things simple.

“The first ingredient that we were using was a bunch of celery root that I bought in the market, I guess it was about a pound or two, and it was just chopped up and mixed in with a little bit of olive oil and salt and pepper,” said Andy.

He said the ingredients were made in a large skillet that he filled with water and oil, then added some salt and a little pepper.

He added a few drops of liquid, then he started to cook it.

The shortening cooks slowly.

“So you can actually see that we’re cooking it on a really low heat,” said the brothers’ cameraman, Matt Johnson.

They had a little more time, but the process was very similar to cooking pasta, with the addition of some herbs.

The brothers said they were trying to keep the food “a little bit under control.”

“So if it’s too spicy, just just add a little lemon,” said Matt.

“If it’s not too hot, just add some olive oil, or salt and add some fresh herbs,” said Johnny.

“Just make sure that it comes out really well.”

They also tried to keep it simple.

They made sure they didn’t add anything too fancy.

“Like the sauce,” said Ryan.

“That was like the sauce that we added to our meat sauce,” Danny said.

“No, no, no,” said Jimmy.

“Oh, no!” said Andy, as he reached for the sauce bottle.

“You’re not gonna like it, are you?” said Danny.

“Why do you like it?” asked Jimmy.

The family decided to try to cut down on the extra sauce.

“This is what we wanted to do, was cut down the sauce a little,” said Sammy.

“Then we cut down some of our noodles, and then we added some bacon,” said Brady.

“Because bacon, by the way, is not a good source of saturated fats, you know, of cholesterol,” said Mike.

“They’re actually the source of a lot more saturated fat than we eat,” said Nick.

“Well, there’s no bacon,” Danny replied.

“Yes, there is bacon, but we cut it out because it’s a little less than the amount that we eat.”

The next step is the cutting process, and that takes about 20 minutes, and the food has been prepared in the microwave.

“When we’re cutting, we’re just trying to make sure there’s a lot less fat in there, and to get the most out of it,” said Tom.

“To get that extra fat, we’ve got a little knife, a little spoon and a big potato masher,” said Mark.

“What the potatoes do is they melt it, and we have to take that potato, which is a really tough potato, and they cook it,” Danny explained.

“Once it’s done, it’s the right amount of fat, and there’s some added sodium, because we have salt and olive oil in the potatoes,” said Tommy.

“A little bit, yeah,” said Kelly.

“Yeah,” said Brian.

“Right there,”

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