How to Use Vegetable Dips and Sauces to Help Boost Your Diet

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Vegetable dips and sauces can boost your metabolism, help with weight loss, and help you lose weight.

Read More , and if you are like most people, you are not even sure where to start. 

I know that when I started out, I was so scared that I would eat the same thing every day and I would never get to that point. 

Then, one day I found this post on Facebook, and it gave me a lot of hope. 

It showed that there were a lot more healthy ways to make and use vegetables than just the ones I was already eating. 

And I just couldn’t get enough. 

Today, I am sharing a list of 5 great ways to incorporate vegetables into your daily routine. 

If you want to make them even healthier, read on! 


Vegan Chicken Salad With Roasted Red Potatoes and Black Bean A delicious, easy, and super delicious vegan chicken salad! 

(I love the roasted red potatoes and black beans.) 

Vegan chicken salad with roasted red potatoes and black bean. 

(This recipe was featured on, where I also blog.) 

This is one of the best vegan chicken salads I have ever had. 

The vegetables add a nice layer of flavor and the chicken has a perfect crunch. 

You can also use this salad with some of the other recipes below, which include some roasted red tomatoes and roasted black beans. 


Roasted Beetroot Salad With Vegan Cashew Cream and Roasted Black Beans (The roasted black bean and cashew cream adds a wonderful layer of crunch!) 

(Recipe by Joanna Johnson.) 

(recipe from Vegan Kitchen) (You can find this recipe here.) 


Vegan Pumpkin Spice Cream Pie (Simple vegan pumpkin pie with a healthy, low-carb twist.) 

 (Make it your own with this vegan pumpkin buttercream!) 

You’ll also love the flavors in this pumpkin spice cream pie. 

 This vegan pumpkin spice pie has a delicious base of pumpkin and nutmeg. 

But you can also add any other flavor you like. 


Roast Black Beans and Peas (Roasted red beans and peas with vegan cheese, salt, and pepper.) 

(Recipe from VeganMommy) This delicious vegan roasted black pepper roasted red beans, peas, and onions soup is perfect for a busy weeknight. 


Black Bean Cauliflower Salad With Black Bean Cream and Cashew Nutmeg (Vegan and GF version!) 

  A simple and easy vegan and GF Black Bean cauliflower salad. 

(recipe by Joannette Breen)  (This recipe is featured on Eat Vegan!) 

I love that this recipe is GF, GF, and GF (GF being a vegan version), but if you’re looking for a GF version, this is definitely worth trying. 

This recipe includes some black beans, cashews, and some cashew nuts. 


Roasting Black Beans with Vegan Buttercream and Cashews (Easy vegan and vegan buttercream and cashews.) 

Roasted black beans and roasted cashews with vegan butter. 

Easy vegan butter cream. 

Vegetable buttercream. 

A vegan butter recipe for your next vegan soup. 

Here’s how it works: (1) Add the black beans (or beans of your choice), and (2) add the roasted cashew nutmeg, and or (3) add a few more ingredients for a more creamy and decadent version of the soup.

 (This is a gluten free version of this recipe.) 


Black Beans, Roasted Cashews, Vegan Cheese, and Casa-nut-nuts (Vegan version with vegan cheeses and casa nuts!) 

This was one of my first recipes, and I love it. 

Casa nuts are a super-food that is rich in vitamins and minerals. 

They are rich in fiber and can help you build muscle. 

In this recipe, you will use a mix of roasted red and black and green beans, roasted casas, casa-nuts, and vegan cheese. 


Vegan Cheese Soup with Roasted Almonds and Casas (Easy Vegan Cheese with Casa Nutmeg, Vegan Baked Almonds, and Vegan Peanut Butter!) 

(Vegetarian version with a vegan baked almond and casan nut cheesecake.) 

A delicious, vegan and gluten free vegan cheese soup.

(reciper from Vegan Mommy)

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