The U.S. Food and Drug Administration is considering a plan to limit the availability of synthetic cannabis products amid growing concerns about the impact on public health and the public’s safety

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Axios, November 24, 2020 By  Aaron Zelman – Associated Press It is no secret that the United States is at risk of a new strain of synthetic marijuana that will make its way to the country this year, but a new report from the Drug Enforcement Administration suggests that it may be even worse than many people have feared.

According to the DEA, the new synthetic drug is the most dangerous substance to import into the United State.

The agency also stated that the drug is capable of causing psychosis and that there is currently no effective treatment.

The DEA is also concerned that the synthetic cannabis can be used as a way to create a more potent drug that will kill the user.

It is not the first time that the DEA has spoken out about synthetic marijuana, but the agency has done so in a manner that is more measured and cautious than it has previously.

For instance, last year the agency said it was concerned that synthetic cannabis might be a precursor to a more powerful drug.

The DEA said that the new drug is “a new and potentially deadly product that can cause severe and irreversible harm to the user.”

According to DEA Administrator Michele Leonhart, the drug was found to be an analog of marijuana, and that the agency is considering its importation to the U.P.A.

The agency said that it is “looking into the possibility of imposing import restrictions on these products, as well as a potential ban on them from entering the United States.”

While this report comes on the heels of a report from the Associated Press that said the U,S.

could be importing up to 400 pounds of synthetic cannabinoid drugs, Leonhart was not available to comment on that report on Tuesday. 

Leonhart did not immediately respond to a request for comment on Tuesday, but DEA spokesperson Michael Tice said in a statement that the federal government is not commenting on pending or ongoing investigations.

Leonhart told the AP that there are no federal restrictions on the importation of any kind of synthetic drugs.

She said the agency does not know what will happen to the drugs once they are approved for importation. 

“The DEA and the FDA have a long-standing relationship.

The FDA has conducted multiple studies to determine the safety and efficacy of the synthetic cannabinoids,” Leonhart said in the statement.

“These studies have not revealed a clear link between the new cannabinoid compounds and the use of these drugs.”

Leonhart said the federal agencies would continue to work with the states and localities to make sure that the drugs are not put into the hands of the people who are most vulnerable to abuse.

“Our hope is that the states, localities and other responsible entities will continue to have a responsible regulatory environment to protect the public and prevent diversion and diversion to illicit markets,” Leonhard said. 

The AP has reached out to the Department of Justice and the Drug Interdiction and Enforcement Administration to ask for comment.

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