Which vegetable are the best?

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Vegetables are always going to be a good choice for vegans.

They’re rich in protein, fiber, vitamin E, iron, and omega-3s.

And since they’re mostly starch-free, you’ll never need to cook them.

But some vegans have been experimenting with different kinds of vegetables to try to improve their health.

Here are a few of the best veg recipes.1.

Tofu soup3.

Sweet potato salad5.

Zucchini noodles6.

Broccoli with avocado-cucumber dressing7.

Tomato soup8.

Carrot-and-pepper soup9.

Chickpea soup10.

Tomato salad11.


Sweet corn with chard-peppers13.

Sweetcorn salad14.

Green beans15.

Brociflower with mushrooms16.

Brock potato salad17.

Quinoa salad18.

Sweet Potato with red pepper flakes19.

Sweet potatoes with carrots20.

Spinach with bacon and cheese21.

Quiche with onions22.

Sweet-potato-spinach salad23.

Sweet pepper sauce24.

Roasted cauliflower with bacon-peppercorn sauce25.

Quail eggs with spinach-and eggplant salad26.

Sweet chicken with green beans and bacon27.

Brochette salad with tomatoes and cream cheese28.

Corn tortillas with mushrooms and salsa29.

Spinacotta with carrots30.

Spinaretta with green peppers and spinach31.

Corn puffs with kale32.

Sweet pumpkin with mushrooms33.

Roast chicken with mushroom-and spinach34.

Brothy chicken with mushrooms35.

Sweet cheese puffs36.

Sweet apple sauce with sweet potatoes37.

Roasting potato with mushrooms38.

Sweet tomatoes with sweet potato-cabbage salad39.

Sweet tomato sauce40.

Roaster’s chicken with broccoli and mushroom-cayenne-lemon salad41.

Sweet rice with spinach42.

Sweet sweet potato with green peas43.

Sweet peas with bacon44.

Sweet onions with spinach45.

Sweet peppers with corn bread46.

Sweet apples with avocado salad47.

Sweet carrot-and cheese salad48.

Sweet broccoli with mushrooms49.

Sweet red pepper-and carrot salad50.

Sweet kale with avocado and cheddar-brined onions51.

Sweet radish with mushrooms52.

Sweet mushrooms with bacon53.

Sweet celery-and potato salad54.

Sweet roasted sweet potato salad55.

Sweet bell peppers with broccoli-and sweet potato sauce56.

Sweet spinach-with-sour-cream sauce57.

Sweet quinoa with cauliflower and cilantro-and green beans58.

Sweet cheddar cheeses with spinach59.

Sweet mushroom salad60.

Sweet squash with spinach61.

Sweet pecan salad62.

Sweet bacon-and mushroom-crusted peppers63.

Sweet chickpea salad64.

Sweet green beans with roasted sweet potatoes and mushrooms65.

Sweet tofu soup66.

Sweet avocado salad67.

Sweet cauliflower salad68.

Sweet baby carrots with spinach69.

Sweet macaroni salad70.

Sweet chili-and garlic-and pepper-flavoured pasta71.

Sweet spaghetti sauce with chickpeas and cumin-and basil-and onion-and roasted sweet peppers72.

Sweet tortilla salad with chick peas73.

Sweet beef-and broccoli-wrapped poblano peppers74.

Sweet eggplant with roasted peppers and onions75.

Sweet chard with mushrooms76.

Sweet carrots with avocado sauce77.

Sweet pickled beets with mushrooms78.

Sweet zucchini with mushrooms79.

Sweet basil with roasted broccoli and onions80.

Sweet parsnips with bacon sauce81.

Sweet beet salad with roasted carrots82.

Sweet romaine lettuce with roasted tomatoes and onion-cumin-salt sauce83.

Sweet cabbage salad with baked beans84.

Sweet wild mushrooms with roasted garlic and garlic sauce85.

Sweet black beans with carrots86.

Sweet scallops with roasted radishes87.

Sweet cucumber salad with cooked kale88.

Sweet shallots with garlic sauce89.

Sweet pimento cheese with roasted pimentos90.

Sweet balsamic dressing with roasted vegetables91.

Sweet goat cheese with red peppers92.

Sweet onion soup with cilantro93.

Sweet garlic sauce with carrots94.

Sweet crispy tofu soup95.

Sweet fennel salad with broccoli, mushrooms, and onions96.

Sweet pancetta with roasted cauliflower, mushrooms and basil97.

Sweet arugula salad with bok choy, mushrooms & garlic sauce, roasted garlic sauce and roasted mushrooms98.

Sweet couscous with roasted red peppers, carrots, and onion99.

Sweet salmon with roasted beets, mushrooms&honey sauce100.

Sweet sauerkraut with roasted veggies and butter sauce

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