Which crops will be affected by climate change?

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A lot of plants have already been affected by changes to climate, and scientists are already finding out what they can expect as global temperatures rise.

The latest research from researchers at the University of Western Australia suggests that more than 100 plant species, including many that are commonly grown in Australia, are now under threat from the effects of climate change.

The research, published in the journal Climatic Change, suggests that drought in Australia’s arid regions could become more severe, with the number of aridland plants on the increase in some areas.

This will mean less water in soil and more water runoff from water-scarce fields, said Professor Steve McArthur, the study’s lead author and a researcher at the university’s Department of Plant Sciences.

This means that water could become scarce in some parts of the country, affecting crops such as beans and peas.

It also means that some crops that are used for animal feed could become less productive, particularly as farmers shift their operations to dry-zone agriculture, a method that uses water to grow more crops.

Professor McArthur said that while it was unlikely to happen overnight, drought in the Australian arid region would affect most crops.

“Drought in Australia will continue to be a threat for the future,” he said.

“There will be a need for more attention to climate change, for more agricultural systems to be adapted to the changes, and for more knowledge about the impacts of drought and other climate changes on crop yields.”

The study, which used data from the UWA-led National Climate Data Centre, was conducted over five years and analysed over 100 crops grown in the Northern Territory, South Australia and Western Australia.

The study found that in some regions, crops such, tomatoes and apples, were already being hit hard by the drought.

“The impact of a change in climate on crops in the arid areas is already becoming apparent in the data, but the magnitude of this is more important,” Professor McArthur explained.

“In particular, we found that the impacts were not only more severe in arid land, but also more severe on some of the more commonly grown crops.”

The main impact on tomatoes was water-intensive, and was associated with the need to use irrigation, which increased water use.

The findings have implications for other crops as well.

Professor Stephen McArthur from the University’s Department in Plant Sciences said the research found that drought had a negative impact on several common crops in Australia.

“We’re seeing a reduction in arable land, so water is being less of a consideration, so we’re seeing some of those crops like peas and beans going under water,” he explained.

He said while aridlands were not necessarily experiencing more drought than arid zones, they were experiencing a more pronounced impact on crops.

In general, he said it was important to be aware of the impact of climate on climate change on crops as the impacts on these crops could be serious.


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