How to pick the best nightshades

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For most people, a nightshaded vegetable such as celery, carrots or onions will do the trick.

For others, however, the combination of nightshading with fresh herbs and spices may help.

In this series, CBC News looks at the top nightshaders to consider.

A new nightshader from the United Kingdom could change the way you think about green vegetables.

With the rise of new varieties of nightscreens and home-made blends, consumers are turning to green vegetables for the health benefits they claim.

For this series we asked a few experts to share tips for choosing the best green vegetables to cook with.

Read more: “The main issue for most people is whether the green vegetable is green or not, or whether it is fresh or not,” said Mary-Louise Widdowson, a senior lecturer in the Department of Health at the University of Toronto.

“In the United States, green vegetables are now the most popular green vegetable, so it’s a great way to look at whether it’s green or fresh.”

“There are a lot of different varieties of green vegetables, but there are a few that you’ll find more commonly in your grocery store.”

For a full list of nightspots and how to choose them, click here.

To find out what to look for when choosing a green vegetable to cook, Widdowe-Smith says it’s important to consider the quality of the vegetable.

“You should be looking for the nutrients that you’re getting, not just the nutrients from the nutrients,” she said.

“If it’s good quality, then you’re not getting a lot from the nutrition.

You’re getting a little bit of the nutrients.”

For more information on cooking with green vegetables and the health effects, click on the green vegetables menu.

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