How to get fall vegetables without worrying about the ‘ultra instinct’

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Vegetables are a favourite in the fall vegetable season.

But how to prepare and cook them?

That’s the question facing thousands of vegans and vegetarians across the UK as they prepare for the festive season.

How to eat fall vegetables in a non-vegetarian world How to make vegetarian and vegan dishes from scratchVegetarian dishes can be a hit in this festive season, says Sarah Stirling.

“I like to prepare my salads and make vegan soups,” she explains.

“In the UK, a lot of veg eaters eat a lot, but they’re also a bit more conservative about their diet.”

The difference, says Stirling, is that vegans can eat their favourite foods without feeling guilty about it.

“It’s quite liberating to be able to make these delicious vegan dishes and enjoy them without feeling a bit guilty about eating it,” she says.

The dish you choose to eat the fall vegetables depends on the season.

“A lot of people don’t like summery vegetables, so I like to keep it to a minimum and keep my options limited,” says Stingham.

If you’re planning to go vegetarian, you should definitely try to avoid the meaty vegetables.

Autumn vegetables are often packed with flavour, such as cauliflower, broccoli and kale.

“The autumn season is always very colourful, and there are a lot to choose from,” says Rachel McQuaid, from the Vegetarian Society UK.

“Fall vegetables tend to be a little less vibrant than summery ones, so if you want something that is flavourful, autumn is the season to go for.”

Autumn vegetables also come in many shapes and sizes, from sweet potatoes to sweet peppers.

If autumn is your favourite season, Stirling recommends choosing the autumn vegetables with a firm shell rather than an oval shape, like that of potatoes.

She also recommends avoiding the autumn squash, which can be more than twice as big as spring squash.

“We’re more likely to have autumn squash in the fridge than summer squash, so that helps to make them a little more manageable,” says McQuarey.

But if you’re vegetarian and just want to try some autumn veggies for a quick dinner, it’s worth giving autumn a go.

“There are lots of fall vegetables out there, so it’s great to get a few different varieties to try,” says Sarah.

“But I would avoid the more springy varieties, because they can be overpowering.”

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