Eat, drink and sleep: What’s in a good day’s breakfast?

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When it comes to morning health, the most important thing is to get enough sleep, and the ideal morning meal should be something simple and filling.

Here are the best breakfast options for every mood.

Breakfast: A good breakfast can be as simple as a mug of tea or coffee, with the main elements of breakfast such as fruit and vegetables and a good protein and fibre.

Breakfast cereals can also help to help you get enough energy.

However, be mindful that these can often contain unhealthy sugar, so choose wisely.

Breakfast options: 1.

Morning coffee: While there is no single ideal morning drink, a cup of tea is usually an excellent choice, especially when it comes with a nice sweetener.

You can make a cup yourself or buy it online.


A cup of protein: Protein can help to keep you going, while also providing energy.

You will be feeling energetic at the start of the day.


A snack: This can include fruit, nuts and beans.

Try to get a good quality, low-sugar snack that is not too salty.


A smoothie: Try to enjoy a smoothie on a hot day, with a little fruit, and a little fibre.


A shake: A shake is a great way to get the heart rate up.

Try adding a bit of fruit and some fibre to it, then sit back and relax.

A good choice: 1: Breakfast cereal: Try oats, flaxseeds, flaked wheat or barley, to make a decent breakfast cereal.

Try making a variety of cereal options to suit your individual tastes.

2: Fruit: Some fruits are packed with fibre, which helps you get more sleep.

3: Vegetables: Choose to eat more vegetables in the morning, so you get the maximum amount of fibre.

4: A smoothy: Some smoothies contain a variety or ingredients, so make a choice and choose something that is good for you.

5: A glass of wine: This helps to help with digestion.

If you are a wine drinker, try to add more fruit to your glass to help it stay in your stomach longer.

Breakfast cereal and smoothie options: Fruit smoothie – This can be made with fruit, as well as vegetables.

3 fruit smoothies – This is a good choice for people who enjoy fruits.

3 veggie smoothies – This is great for people with an appetite for vegetables.

4 fruit smoothie-type smoothies- this is a very good choice.

Fruit smoothies are great for adults.

They contain a lot of fibre and a lot more than smoothies.

4 vegetable smoothies, such as almond or banana, are good choices for younger children.

You might also consider fruit smooths, as these contain less sugar.

Fruit-flavoured smoothies also contain more fibre than plain smoothies or fruit smoothues.

Smoothie – Try making your own smoothies with berries, or even try making your favourite smoothie in the kitchen.

A quick and simple smoothie can be very tasty and is also great for those who prefer a lighter breakfast.

Banana smoothie – This smoothie has lots of fibre, and has a smooth taste.

It is also good for those with a healthy appetite.

Strawberry smoothie with strawberries – This smooth is delicious with strawberries and a dash of vanilla.

A fruit smooth is a refreshing and light breakfast option.

Smoothies are also good choices if you are lactose intolerant.

Smooth bars and smoothies: A fruit-flavour bar or smoothie contains a good amount of fruit, fruit juice and fibre, so it is a healthy option for those.

A great smoothie will also provide energy, while helping to boost your mood.

If your breakfast is too sweet, try adding a little sugar to your smoothie.

Smooth drinks: If you need a smooth drink, try making one yourself.

You may find that a mix of fruit juice, water, fruit and fruit-juice may be a good option.

4 smoothies a day is a decent number of drinks, which are easy to drink, and are suitable for adults and children.

Some drinks may also be suitable for older adults, who may want to take a few breaks.

5 fruit smoothy smoothies and smooth bars- this option is suitable for people over 50.

The drink may contain fruit or fruit-like juices, but the most suitable options are the ones with a higher fibre content, as this can help you stay alert and keep a full head of steam.

Try the fruit-filled smoothie, or try adding fruit to a smoothies drink.

Smooth cocktails: Try a drink with a mix or combination of fruit juices, fruit-based drinks and mixed drinks.

You could make a smooth cocktail using fruit, or adding some fruit juice to it.

This is also a good idea if you have a craving for a smooth shake or shake with ice.

Try having a drink on your lunch break to help relieve the hunger and relax you.