The best beef burgers from New Zealand

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Beef burgers from the New Zealand bush have been made from the bones of an endangered marsupial, it has been claimed.

The meat, which has been dubbed “the finest beef burgers on the planet”, was originally grown in New Zealand and is said to be the best meat in the world.

The burger was described by New Zealand meat giant Tyson Foods as “a combination of meat from the most popular New Zealand meats including New Zealand Lamb, New Zealand Pork, New Britain Pork, and New Zealand Beef” and the meat was made from “the bones of a marsupials rare and endangered marsaur”.

Tyson’s website said the meat could be used to make “the most authentic New Zealand burgers on earth”.

In an interview with BBC Radio New Zealand, Tyson Foods chief executive Dave Hill said the company had been in talks with New Zealand authorities about sourcing beef from the country’s marsupias and had been told it was a “key ingredient” for the burger.

Tyson Foods’ meat is sourced from the meat of a “very unique, extremely rare, very rare species of marsupium”.

Hill said Tyson Foods had not been in contact with the NZ authorities and did not know what it was “going to take to get this beef to New Zealand”.

Hill was responding to a question about whether Tyson Foods would use the beef for the meat-free burgers.

Hill said “this is not a meat-based company.

We are sourcing beef for New Zealand from animals we have been farming for decades”.

Hill did not specify the species of animal Tyson Foods was sourcing for the burgers, but said it was believed to be a “marsupial”.

Hill told Radio New Zealand that Tyson Foods is working with the New Zealander government to develop the beef burgers.

He said the New Zelandian Government has provided the New York-based Tyson Foods with “all the necessary approvals to process the meat and meat product”.

Hill also said the Tyson Foods plant in New York had been “out of commission” since April.

Hill declined to say how much Tyson Foods has spent to acquire the meat for the New Beef Burger, but it was likely to be between $100 million and $150 million.

Hill also declined to give the price of the meat.

Tyson’s New Beef burger is described as “the best beef burger on the earth”.

Hill noted that Tyson has previously sourced the meat from Australia, which Hill said was “a different species”.

Hill later told the New Yorker that the New New Zealand beef could be sourced from “a very unique, very, very special, very important, special species of plant”.

Tyson Foods said the burger was made in the US from “all of the world’s leading beef cattle” and that it was sourced from animals bred and raised in the United States.

Tyson has said that the meat “is 100 per cent grass fed, free of antibiotics and free of hormones”.

It said it uses only organic, hormone-free, grass-fed beef.

Tyson said it would also use the meat in its New Zealand frozen meals.

Hill, who said the beef was “100 per cent New Zealand”, said Tyson was “looking at how we can grow the New Meat in New Zebulon and the New Beard Burger in New Canterbury”.

Tyson said the hamburger was not made in New Zeeland but that the burgers were “made with New England ingredients”.

Tyson also confirmed that the “New Beef Burger” was not available in New South Wales and that “New Beard Burger” burgers would be available in Queensland.

Tyson declined to reveal how much the New Flesh Burger would cost.

Hill did say that the beef had been sourced from a “unique species of New Zealand marsupia”.

Hill added that “the New Beef is going to be one of our most popular products”.

Tyson has not been able to say whether New Zealand-grown beef will be used for the “best burgers on Earth” or if Tyson Foods will produce beef in New England.

Hill has been a vocal critic of Tyson Foods.

In an August 2015 interview with The Wall Street Journal, Hill told the newspaper that Tyson had been involved in a “totally unethical” agreement with New York State that allowed the company to obtain New Zealand raw meat.

Hill had previously said Tyson had “tried to cheat” the state of New York in a separate case.

Tyson did not respond to requests for comment on Hill’s comments.

Tyson spokesman Chris Goss said the US company had not sourced New Zealand grass fed beef for any of its meat products.

“This New Zealand product was sourced through a third party and it is a non-US product,” he said.

Tyson also declined a request for comment about Hill’s remarks.

Hill told The Wall St Journal that Tyson was not making the New Lamb burger and was “not going to make it”.

Hill previously said the “new beef” from New England was “the least expensive meat we have ever made”.

“I have been in New Mexico for a long time and

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