‘Cabbage’ soup has a lot to do with plant-based foods

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Cabbage soup has some very plant-related ingredients.

A new study in The Lancet medical journal reports that the soup is made from a combination of plant-derived collagen, a gelatin that’s also found in beef, chicken and pork and a blend of plant extracts.

The authors also report that the plant-protein broth is high in iron, magnesium, vitamin E, vitamin B6, and zinc.

It has a high content of vitamin B1, B6 and B12, and it contains the antioxidant glutathione.

The study authors said they were intrigued by the results and, like many of their colleagues, were looking for other factors that could explain why the soup was so high in vitamin A and B1 and B6.

But they also found that the amount of calcium in the soup, which is high and could be an important determinant of bone health, was not an issue.

“We found that calcium and phosphorus in the plant products did not appear to influence calcium absorption,” said co-author Dr. Jean-Marc Lefevre, a gastroenterologist at McGill University in Montreal.

The study was the first to look at the calcium absorption from the two plant ingredients in the vegetable soup.”

The only association was the calcium intake, which was inversely associated with the calcium content of the soup.”

The study was the first to look at the calcium absorption from the two plant ingredients in the vegetable soup.

The scientists also analyzed the bone-health effects of the vegetable broth and found it had an effect on calcium absorption, especially in women.

“The phytochemicals in the broth were absorbed mainly by the female body, but not by the male body,” Lefvre said.

“It was very surprising to us, because women seem to be more sensitive to calcium.

It was an interesting finding.”

In a separate study published in the journal Cell Metabolism, Lefi said the combination of collagen, gelatin and the phytoestrogen glutathionone was likely responsible for the soup’s high calcium content.

“In addition to the plant proteins, the broth contains the compounds known to be bioactive, and these compounds are important for maintaining bone health and bone resorption,” he said.

The new research was published in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.

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