Why Indian vegetable garden can feed hungry children

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In India, vegetables and fruits are a staple food in many households, but there are also many small and local producers that produce and sell the same.

Some of these produce are also sold at local markets and have the potential to feed children.

In a recent article, I wrote about one such small but growing organic vegetable garden in Kolkata, India, which is growing vegetables for its customers, rather than a marketing tool for the vegetable industry.

This story is a continuation of a series I have been reporting on food deserts, a growing problem that has been reported in many countries, but is rarely considered in the news.

In Kolkatta, there are about 40 vegetable gardens and farmers’ markets in the city, which are owned and operated by the farmers themselves, in an effort to bring fresh produce to the city.

This growing market is growing with the demand for fresh vegetables, especially fresh fruits, which can be a problem for some families.

There are also small local farms that sell produce, such as vegetables, fruits and spices, as well as produce for local consumption, including fruits and meat.

One such garden in the Kolkatt area is called the vegetable garden and it is owned by a couple from Kolkhatia.

“This garden is about 50 meters from the village gate,” the owner told Al Jazeera.

The vegetable garden has a wide, open space that can accommodate the number of families in the garden.

The vegetables are grown on a small, square plot of land.

A single plot of plots has been converted into an outdoor vegetable garden.

“The vegetables are planted and watered by hand,” the farmer explained.

“We have also got a pump on the premises, which allows us to collect water from the river.

We also have water pipes that run through the garden to provide fresh water for the surrounding area.”

The garden is not a traditional garden, which the farmers say has been around for thousands of years.

“There was once a farmer who lived near this place for a long time and planted vegetables,” said Mani, the owner of the vegetable farm.

“It was a place where he was known for his vegetables and he had many customers.

He also had a garden where he sold vegetables.

It is not so popular now, but it is a good place to grow vegetables.”

The vegetable farm is owned and run by a family who is the founder and director of the farm.

They sell vegetables to the local market, where they sell to the public, and to the market where they offer vegetables to local markets.

This means that the vegetable market is a part of the garden’s economy, with people buying and selling produce.

“Since the vegetable farmer started this garden, it has become a part for the community, for the people living around the garden,” Mani explained.

In the garden, there is a small garden with vegetable bushes, some herbs, and an apple tree.

The family sells the produce to their customers, who also buy the produce from the market.

The garden has been growing vegetables in the area for a while now.

The growing season in the vegetable fields is from mid-May to mid-October.

“I sell vegetables in May to October.

The season is between August and November,” said the vegetable gardener.

In addition to the vegetables sold by the vegetable farmers, there also is fruit and vegetable juice for sale.

“A lot of the fruit comes from the local farmers and there is also juice from the fruit trees,” Manik said.

“Also, there was a market in the neighbourhood for the sale of fruit and vegetables.”

This is the second vegetable garden that the family has established in Kalkatia.

The first one was in a different area in the same village.

The Kalkhatia vegetable garden is one of the first that have been built on a property that has already been converted to an outdoor garden.

Al Jazeera contacted the vegetable grower and the vegetable produce vendor for more information.

Alavi, the vegetable seller, said that he had grown the vegetable on the land that had been previously owned by his family.

“In the past, I had bought fruit and fruit juice from local farmers,” he said.

Alvi, the local vegetable seller said that in the past he sold fruit and fruits to the general public.

“Now, I only sell vegetables.

In this garden there is only vegetables,” he explained.

Alvaro, the gardener who started the vegetable gardens, said he started the business because he was frustrated by the lack of fruit trees in Kollam, a rural area in Kerala.

“You don’t find fruit trees near Kollalam,” Alavi explained.

According to Alvi and Alavi’s partner, the couple also started their vegetable garden because they were tired of paying for fruit and other fruit produce from local markets in Kalinga.

“If we could produce fresh fruit and produce vegetables in Kola and Kollami, then there is

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