New veggie platter to hit supermarkets in August 2018

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A new veggie dish is coming to supermarkets in the summer months, the Vegetarian Society has announced. 

The Vegetarian Cookbook, which will be available in July, features a mix of the fresh, veggie and vegan dishes, with each dish featuring a different flavour.

The Cookbook will be sold at supermarkets, including Waitrose, Sainsbury’s, Tesco and Altrincham, with the Vegan Cookbook being available at Waitrose and Alton Towers. 

Vegetarian Cookbooks will be the first Vegan cookbooks to be launched in the UK since the Vegan Society launched the Vegan Guidebook in November 2017. 

Food and Drink editor, Natalie Firth, said: “There are so many options for vegans and vegetarians, from dishes that are simple to savoury and delicious to dishes that require a bit of a challenge.”

Vegetarians have access to a wide range of recipes from a wide variety of suppliers, with veggie burgers, salads and desserts all available in the cookbook, along with a wide selection of vegan ice creams, frozen treats and a wide array of meat-free dishes.

“Vegetable platter”The Vegetant Cookbook is designed to be a great way to discover vegan options, with a variety of different veg dishes that appeal to a range of palates, and a variety that can be enjoyed on their own.

“As well as introducing veggie dishes to the market, it’s also a great opportunity to help people to discover the vegan lifestyle by giving them the opportunity to cook for themselves.”

Vegan cookbook launches at Wait, Sacks, Sain & Millers, Tesch and Alcon Towers in JulyVegetables are an increasingly popular and popular source of protein in the vegan diet.

Vegetarian food groups including Wait, Tesche, Samp and Alco Towers are the latest to launch a vegan cookbook in the last year, with more than 40 vegan products in the book.

The Vegetation Cookbook features an array of fresh, vegetable and vegan options for the vegan chef, including a recipe for an omelet made with almond milk, vegan chicken salad, vegan tofu with cauliflower, vegan roasted tofu and veggie lasagna.

Vegetaburgers are a popular choice for veg-lovers as they are a good source of iron, zinc and vitamin K, as well as containing a range and flavour combinations that are great for veggies.

Vegan meals for vegetarians are also a good option for those who are allergic to meat or dairy, and have limited access to fresh produce, but will be able to enjoy a wide choice of vegetarian options.

The Vegan Cookbooks also features recipes for the best vegan burger and salad, a vegetarian pizza and vegan lasagna, as part of a wider vegan cookbooks offering.

Vegg and veg meal planVegan Meal Plan will be a range available in September, and is a new vegan meal plan to be rolled out to a wider range of retailers, including Sainsburys, Altrinche, Waitrose (which launched the first vegan cook book in the United Kingdom in April 2018), Sainsby and Albury.

The plan will offer a range from vegan pasta, salads, soups, pasta salads, vegan soups and vegetarian dishes to vegan desserts.

Veggie plate”The Vegematiser Cookbook brings a wide-range of vegetarian dishes and is designed for the veg chef who is keen to try new vegetarian recipes and get them into the kitchen.”

There are plenty of veggie plates that will suit the chef’s taste, from savouriness and flavours to lighter and healthier options, and the Vegemitiser Cookbooks offers a range with veg meals to suit any palate.

“It is ideal for people who want to try out vegan cooking for themselves and who want more information on the different vegan options.”

Vegg plate”This is a vegan plate that is very healthy, rich and filling and will suit a wide group of people.

It has a combination of vegetables and fruit, and it is also available in a vegetarian version, with salads, rice and pasta salad, and an option for vegetarian pasta.”

Veggie salad”The Vegg Salad Plate is a range that will be great for those on a budget, as it has a range for the vegetarian chef to try, and will also have a range to suit the vegan cook.

The Vegg salads are a very healthy and filling option for the vegetarian, and can be topped with a choice of vegetables, fruit, protein powder and nuts.

The Veggie Plate has been launched by Sains by Altrin &amp ; Millers and Alstots, and launched in June 2018. 

For more information, please visit the Vegan Menu and Vegan Cook Book pages.

Veg burger and burger platterVeggie burgers and vegg burger platters are popular options for vegetarians who want a variety

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