How to make a kid vegetable tray without a blender

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Kids have become increasingly conscious of what they eat and how much they consume and it is becoming increasingly difficult to simply make one of these easy meals.

To make the most of the kid’s time, it is important to choose a vegetable tray that is healthy, affordable and easy to prepare.

Here are a few tips for preparing a kid’s vegetable tray.


Choose the right size for your child 1.

Kids are generally between 6 and 12 months old.

Make sure that the child’s size is at least 6 inches tall, and ideally between 4 and 6 inches wide.

A child should not exceed 1,000 calories per serving.


Choose a tray that you can assemble in a matter of minutes.

This means choosing the right tray to fit your child’s weight and make the meal a breeze.

A 1-gallon plastic container with lid will help you organize the food for easy storage.


Set aside space for your salad, fruit and veggies 4.

Use the tray to make homemade salads, sandwiches, soup, cookies, cookies and more!

The kid will love the taste of these delicious options.

The kids food can be enjoyed on its own, with a spoonful of filling, or layered with other foods for an even more filling and healthy meal.


Set the kids up for fun by making them a variety of dishes.

The options are endless and the kid can pick what they like most and make it their own.


Make a variety and keep your kids happy!

You can choose to make the dish on a day when you are on vacation, or when the kids are at school, or you can use this simple, healthy recipe to make it anytime of the year.

For more healthy recipes and recipes for kids, visit the Kid’s Table blog.

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