How to find the best fresh vegetables in your grocery store

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As a growing number of Canadians are eating more vegetables, it is becoming harder to find what you’re looking for in your local grocery store.

Here are the top tips for finding the best foods in your neighbourhood.


Look for fresh ingredients and prices Good vegetables tend to have a higher price tag.

You can easily find some vegetables that are priced more than others, and some that are cheaper than others.

Look at the price tags on the vegetables in the produce section, and check the quality of the vegetables you buy.

If you can find a variety of vegetables, you can also pick up produce from farmers markets.

Some fresh produce can be sold for much less than the market price, so be sure to check prices before you buy it. 2.

Don’t just shop in the local grocery stores Good local grocery shopping is often the best way to find fresh vegetables, said John Koczela, a certified organic vegetable grower.

He recommends checking out farmers markets and other local produce markets.

You’ll often find produce grown in small-scale operations that are certified organic, and can’t be found anywhere else.


Look out for organic ingredients Good organic ingredients tend to be higher in vitamins, minerals and other healthy ingredients, said Kocsela.

The most important thing is the quality.

Organic ingredients can often be more expensive, but the difference can be worth it.

He said organic ingredients are typically used to add flavour to food, as well as as to help preserve the taste of the produce. 4. Don

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