How to avoid carbs in your vegetables

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What do you do if your family’s been craving carbs?

That’s what we’re going to cover here.

How do I know if my family’s trying to get their carbs in?

That depends on the person in question.

If you’re eating pasta and rice, it’s probably not going to be because your family wants carbs.

It could be because you’re trying to avoid the carbs and your body doesn’t have a mechanism to handle them.

I don’t want to be the guy who goes out and eats pasta every day, and then tells everyone around him, “Look, carbs are bad for you.

Eat them.”

I’d rather eat more vegetables and be healthier.

But that’s just a guess.

If your family does have that problem, they can try cooking with carbs and then see if that works for them.

Or you could try a slow-cooker or a slow cooker with some vegetables, but make sure they’re high in fiber.