The Stouffer family’s ‘delicious lasagna’ recipe is on CBC’s Food Network

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A Stouffers family is giving us the perfect recipe for lasagna — a tasty version of their popular dish.

A few months ago, Stouchers owner Jeff Stoufer, along with his wife, Lauren, decided to make a dish that they call Stouffe’s Vegetable Lasagna.

The family’s signature lasagna is topped with tomato sauce, ricotta, mozzarella and basil.

For Lauren, the recipe is just as simple as the original recipe.

“It’s just like the original, but without the sauce,” she says.

“We’re not doing anything different,” Stoucher says.

“We’re just adding more cheese and adding some more veggies.”

The Stoufers family’s recipe for Stouffee’s Vegetables Lasagna is an easy one to follow.

They’ve adapted it from a recipe by Martha Stewart, but have added in some of their own ideas to make the lasagna more of a family meal.

“It’s all good, but we love the sauce a lot, so we’re using it more,” Strouffer says.

The recipe also includes a side of mozzato cheese, which is used to help make the cheese melt.