How to cook veggie pasta: a tip from our favorite chef

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Vegetables, potatoes, carrots and herbs are among the main ingredients in the classic American pasta, but it’s the pasta that comes closest to a pure Italian.

A dish that includes all the main players in a classic dish of pasta is called an appetizer, and it comes with pasta, salad, cheese, a topping and bread.

Here’s how to make an appetizers perfect for vegetarians.


Make your pasta as traditional as possible.

A traditional Italian dish of a sauce, sauce and a tomato is called “gonzola.”

You can add other ingredients to it like onions, garlic, parsley or even a few pieces of bread.

The name “gorgonzola” is a reference to the sauce, so you can’t get away with it just adding vegetables or meat to the dish.

If you’re not a fan of the name, you can call it “spaghetti,” which is an Italian dish that uses pasta and tomatoes.


Wash your pasta.

You can use cold or hot water.

You’ll want to keep the water cold because it will cook the pasta, which is why you want to do it in a sink with a little bit of water running over the top.

You don’t want to use a microwave because it can heat the pasta too much.


Add toppings.

You may want to add a little more salt or pepper to the pasta and veggies, depending on your taste.

A little garlic, for example, can add a slight tang to the food, so if you like garlic-flavored dishes, you may want a little extra garlic.

Some vegans like basil, garlic or even thyme, which you can add to the mix.


Cut the pasta into smaller pieces.

If the pasta is too big, cut it into smaller chunks and bake it.

Some recipes call for just a couple of slices.

If it’s too thin, you might want to reduce the amount of pasta and vegetables, as well.

If a recipe calls for four servings of pasta, make the portion of pasta smaller.


Divide the pasta among three or four people.

Divide up the pasta between three or more people and cook it on a low flame to cook through.

This will make the pasta more tender.


Eat it.

Once you’ve finished cooking the pasta for a while, you’ll want it to be tossed in a bowl of pasta sauce or some other type of sauce.

This makes it more appetizing to eat.

You want the pasta to be soft and the sauce to be thick.


Make it vegan.

Veggie pasta is made with no animal products.

It doesn’t contain milk, eggs or eggs substitutes, and most vegans will also avoid adding any processed or preservative-laden ingredients like meat, fish, dairy or preservatives.

If veganism is your thing, there are many recipes that will work with it.

But make sure you follow the instructions for your recipe and avoid adding ingredients like soy, wheat or corn syrup.


Serve it.

Vegans tend to eat more vegetarian dishes than their meat-loving counterparts, so veggie-based dishes can be a good addition to a meal.

The dish is also a great way to enjoy vegan pasta during busy times when you want a quick and healthy meal.



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For more vegan and vegetarian recipes, check out our Food Network shows and movies section.

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